organic cotton - washable handkerchiefs

100% Organic cotton

We use 100% organic fabric

Cotton is a vegetable fiber which is transformed into thread then woven to make fabrics.
Concretely, organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers and water consumption is reduced by half. Its fiber is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not with chlorine.
Growing organic cotton improves farmers’ working conditions, their health and that of those around them.

Environmental side
The stages of processing of products made from organic fibers must be separate from those of products made from traditional fibers and must be clearly identified. All chemical inputs (ex: dyes, additive and processing chemicals) must be assessed and must comply with a number of basic toxicity and biodegradability / elimination requirements. Bleaching agents must be oxygen-based (not chlorine). *

Social side
The label provides the basics such as the elimination of forced labor, decent hours, adequate wages, improved working conditions, the abolition of child labor and discrimination. *


*Source : Global standard

Why don’t we display the GOTS label?

The GOTS label is one of the most reliable certifications in the textile sector for both the consumer and the environment. The label is obtained subject to compliance with the associated specifications.

  • Our raw material supplier uses organic cotton thread. (certificate provided on request)
  • Our printer (best worker in France) works in an ecological way.
  • Our couture workshop labeled Vosges Terre Textile hasn’t been audited to obtain this label. As all stages of production are not currently labeled, ernest&lulu cannot display this label. We advocate transparency and we explain our production circuit to you.