What is ecological printing?

It is an innovative digital process:
without water
without paper
energy efficient
with biodegradable inks
without the use of a product harmful to nature or to humans.

mouchoirs en tissu bio ernest et lulu impression numérique écologique

How does ecological printing work?

This requires a VERY efficient industrial machine. And then we let you discover the steps below.

jolis mouchoirs en tissu bio francais ernest et lulu

Print heads

They are worth gold (truly) and guarantee the quality of the printing. All the colors here will be mixed directly on the fabric to respect the initial Pantone colors.

mouchoirs en tissu bio fabriqué en france ernest et lulu

Loading the fabric

Once the machine settings have been made, the plain fabric roll is loaded at the rear of the machine. It passes between the barrels * to arrive at the printheads levels.
* The barrel, it is the part which makes it possible to wind / unwind the rolls of fabric.

mouchoirs lavables imprimés en france - écologique ernest et lulu


As simple as that, the printhead block then goes back and forth on the fabric to print the patterns on the fabric.

mouchoirs lavables et réutilisables - imprimés en france - motifs été


The fabric then goes into a dryer, in other words, a constant high temperature oven to dry and fix the print. The tissue will remain there for about 15 minutes.

ernest et lulu - mouchoirs imprimés en tissu bio - coton - homme - made in france

The softener

The fabric is then softened using an ecological process. This will give it the texture and softness that will please your nose!

fabrication francaise de mouchoirs en coton bio ernest et lulu


The fabric will again be rolled up and sent to the Vosges for the next step: handcrafted manufacture.

Meilleur ouvrier de France

We present to you Alexandre, our partner. It achieves ecological digital printing of exclusive designs.
We were committed to ecologically printing our organic cotton, a process far from the usual printing standards, toxic and energy-consuming.
Our common values ​​with Alexandre allow us to offer you an ecological and quality alternative.

lucie cherbonnel avec partenaire impression écologique de mouchoirs en tissu francais
Alexandre Fruchart and Lucie Cherbonnel during the printing of the spring / summer 2020 collections