Handkerchiefs printed in organic fabric – madeleine&raymond collection

Set of 3 handkerchiefs printed in fabric – 100% organic cotton.
Roller skates, citrus fruits and sunflowers, surf and palm trees, so many patterns that will remind you of the long sunny summer days.


Our organic tissue handkerchiefs are handcrafted in France.


Adopting our handkerchiefs means opting for a responsible, ecological, zero waste and sweet alternative.

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marque mouchoirs en tissu bio made in france zéro déchet

Collection of printed handkerchiefs – madeleine&raymond

The madeleine&raymond collection projects you in midsummer, the sun at its highest, the heat that caresses your face.
Rollerskates along the beach, surfers on the top of the wave, a lemonade on the terrace, on sunny days.
The summer patterns in this collection of organic tissue will bring softness and warmth to your nose!

Were you used to having an irritated nose with your handkerchiefs full of chemicals and bleached with chlorine? It’s ancient history!

What if blowing your nose became a pleasure?

Pretty, practical and responsible

The tissue is soft for your nose. Now you will be proud to take out your tissue in public!
Allergies and colds will become a pleasure (or almost).
Practical, their small size allows you to take them everywhere and store them very easily.

Soft and environmentally friendly

To produce all the handkerchiefs that the French throw away every day: more than 2,000 trees, 18,000 tonnes of water, and many chemicals
are needed. What if we stopped blowing our nose with the planet? Let’s save natural resources.

One more gesture in your zero waste approach!

You are already in a zero waste approach; usingfabric tissue is another step. If you are already a user and want to renew your stock, it works too! They are washable and reusable for life. Besides, we wish you to keep your handkerchiefs as long as possible.

coton bio ernest et lulu pour mouchoirs en tissu

Characteristics of handkerchiefs printed in organic fabric madeleine&raymond

  • 100% organic cotton fabric – organic poplin
  • Lot composed of 3 fabric handkerchiefs: rollerskates, citrus fruits and sunflowers, surf and palm trees
  • Local distribution network french manufacturing
  • Handcrafted manufacture
  • Single thickness
  • Dimensions 22x22cm (may vary slightly due to the artisanal confection)
  • Ecological digital printing of the patterns, made in France with the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in textile printing (MOF)
  • Wash at 30 °
  • Mixed handkerchiefs
  • Design in collaboration with Studio Paon Paon

Tissues for life!

To keep your handkerchiefs as long as possible, we recommend that you wash them at 30 ° with the rest of your linen.
Take care to prewash your handkerchiefs if you ever have some tasks:

  • With organic sticks or Marseille soap: rub, rinse and start again until the stains are eliminated.
  • With a little percarbonate of soda on your handkerchiefs previously wet with lukewarm water. For large tasks, soak overnight before washing.
savon pour laver vos mouchoirs en tissu bio femme et homme

Handkerchiefs printed in 100% organic fabric made in France

At ernest&lulu, there was never any question of choosing a production method other than Made in France. Or made in France, to stay in the theme.
Our fabric is woven, printed and made in France. Go behind the scenes of our French manufacturing.

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