Handkerchiefs printed in organic fabric – armelle&malo collection

Lot of 3 handkerchiefs printed in 100% organic cotton.

Yellow oilskins, beach huts, shellfishs and crustaceans, this collection will take you by the sea.


Our organic tissue handkerchiefs are handcrafted in France.


Adopting our handkerchiefs means opting for a responsible, ecological, zero waste and sweet alternative.

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Collection of printed handkerchiefs – armelle&malo

The armelle&malo collection will make you travel by the sea. Do you see yourself there? Sun, blue sea, iodized flavor and gentle breeze.
The summer patterns in this collection of organic tissue will bring you softness and happiness!

These handkerchiefs can be used to blow your nose, to wipe the drop from your nose or the small tear that runs quietly after having a good sunbath.
With armelle&malo, no more irritated noses of chlorine bleached paper tissues full of chemicals.

mouchoir en tissu femme bio bretagne marque ethique et responsable

Let’s stop blowing our nose with the planet!

A good action for the planet? The answer is yes, handkerchiefs destroy a lot of natural resources. To produce the handkerchiefs used by the French every day, more than 2,000 trees and 18,000 tonnes of water are needed.

One more step towards zero waste!

Using a fabric tissue is another step in a zero waste approach. They are washable and reusable for life. ernest&lulu is for life (in any case, we hope)!

It’s much softer and healthier: no more irritated nose with the chemicals in tissue paper.

So softer, but also prettier and more practical than the grandpa’s handkerchief, the ernest&lulu handkerchief will make you proud to take it out in public!

coton bio ernest et lulu pour mouchoirs en tissu

Characteristics of printed handkerchiefs in organic armelle&malo fabric

  • 100% organic cotton fabric – organic poplin
  • 3 handkerchiefs : yellow oilskins, beach huts, shellfishs and crustaceans
  • Local distribution network french manufacturing
  • Handcrafted manufacture
  • Single thickness
  • Dimensions 22x22cm (may vary slightly due to the artisanal confection)
  • Ecological digital printing of the patterns, made in France with the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF)
  • Wash at 30 °
  • Mixed handkerchiefs
  • Design in collaboration with Studio Paon Paon

How to wash your printed handkerchiefs in organic fabric?

Wash your handkerchiefs in a washing machine at 30 ° with the rest of your linen. If they ever have a few tasks, think of the stain remover!

We offer two green solutions:

  • use Marseille soap or organic brand sticks
  • prewash your handkerchiefs with percarbonate of soda, pour some onto your handkerchiefs printed in organic fabric after having wet them with lukewarm water. Soak for about 30 minutes or overnight for large tasks.
savn de marseille - nettoyer ses mouchoirs en tissu bio ernest et lulu
pochette pour mouchoirs en tissu bio ernest et lulu

A solution for storing my handkerchiefs?

We have thought and designed a pocket for your handkerchiefs: the paul&paulette pocket. You can store clean handkerchiefs on one side and those used inside, without risk of contamination.
Wash everything after use.

Handkerchiefs printed in organic fabric, 100% made in France

We chose Made in France at ernest&lulu from the first minute of thinking about the brand, even if we prefer to say it in French! Our fabric is woven, printed and made in France. Go behind the scenes of our French manufacturing.

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