Hello Marine, and thank you for agreeing to tell us a little more about your habits to reduce waste.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

I am Marine, a dynamic young woman, obsessed with sport and life, who flees boredom. Currently, I am the provident benefits manager in a large French social protection group and since September 2019 I have been on a road trip in South America #excited.

What was your trigger to move towards a zero waste approach?

The state of our planet, the amount of garbage that has been taken down per week, the surplus of accumulated products, especially in the bathroom (I change a lot of city so I want to reduce the number of boxes to to move out). So rather an accumulation of clicks.

And the most convincing of the arguments: the journey and therefore the absolute minimization of products to take away and waste to be reduced.

What daily actions can you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

The use of machine-washable make-up removal cottons, the discovery of oriculi and bamboo cotton swabs. The use of jars in the kitchen, soap, shampoo and solid toothpaste in the bathroom. The big comeback of soap and multi-purpose oils to reduce the number of bottles. The sale and purchase of used clothing. Recycling of used fabrics and cardboard waste.

Do you use handkerchiefs?

Not yet ! When I was little, they were my “nin-nins”. I had several handkerchiefs in printed fabrics with which I turned according to the washing sessions. It’s a childhood memory to me.

What would motivate you to buy handkerchiefs?

Saving waste and especially the impact on the environment. When you see how tissues are designed, it breaks your heart. No questions to ask, he is my new sidekick and I would have chosen him!

Marine, are you ready to take the plunge with ernest&lulu organic handkerchiefs?

And not just a little! I pre-ordered my handkerchiefs on Ulule. The patterns transcend me, I love the approach and the pockets designed and provided for this purpose. Hyper fan !

Do you have a tip or tip to help our readers reduce their waste too?

Think about the future. So yeah, it’s not selfish so not everyone can.
If not, just think of your vacation spots that are not Instagrammable for long and you will see, that will help. ?

Do you have an Instagram account or a blog where we can follow your travel adventures?

Yes, this is the yellochsubmarine Instagram account.

Marine, 28 years old, Chartres

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