Nous avons interrogé Marine cette semaine, c’est le visage derrière le magazine Pozette. She advises you on her books to properly debit in zero waste.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Marine and I am the founder of, a positive and committed webzine. With the support of contributors, I share tips for better consumption (anti-waste tips, zero waste), and I highlight projects, start-ups and people who act in favor of the environment, to their scale. I am also talking about made in France, brands and entrepreneurs who have chosen to produce in France. Why? Because buying French is a responsible way of consuming. We support the national economy, employment, know-how and the short circuit!

What was your trigger to turn to a zero waste approach?

Before launching Pozette, I was the editorial manager of the Response site and in 2016 I had the chance to interview Béa Johnson, the author of the bestseller “Zero Waste”. This French expatriate in the United States is known the world over for having managed to contain her one-year-old rubbish in a simple jar. During our interview, she praised me the merits of this way of life. À l’époque je n’étais pas très réceptive, mais les nombreux sujets alarmants traités sur Réponse Conso m’ont rapidement poussée à adopter cette démarche. I really got involved in December 2017 when my trash spilled on my feet …

What daily actions make you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

It happens mostly in the kitchen. I buy local and seasonal, I eat very little meat and I compost my waste (long live vermicomposting!). When I have time, I reuse them (fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, etc.).

Let’s talk about handkerchief, because here, it’s kind of our specialty! Do you use handkerchiefs?

Not yet because handkerchiefs are not part of my daily life. I have no allergies, I can roll around in a field of pollen, nothing will happen.

What would motivate you (if you haven’t already) for handkerchiefs?

Last winter I caught a little cold (something quite rare). At that point I wished I had handkerchiefs on hand.

What do you think of ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs? Ready to take the plunge?

My next handkerchiefs will of course be from ernest&lulu! They are elegant, original, in organic cotton certified GOTS and especially made in France. Can’t wait to test them!

Any advice or a simple trick to help our readers reduce their waste too?

Reducing waste is done step by step, and at your own pace. My first gesture was to buy a water bottle and bulk bags for fruits and vegetables.

Do you have any literary recommendations?

4 books :

  • « Zéro Déchet » by Béa Johnson
  • « Famille (presque) zéro déchet – Ze Guide », by Jérémie Pichon and Bénédicte Moret. Thierry Souccar Éditions
  • « Zéro Plastique, Zéro Toxique », by Aline Gubri. Thierry Souccar Éditions.
  • « Ça va changer avec vous », by Julien Vidal. First Éditions.

Documentary : « Demain », by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

Do you have an Instagram account or blog we can follow you on?

Marine, 29 years old, Paris