Jeane, creator of the Basilic podcast, agreed to participate in the zero waste interview with ernest&lulu. We are more than happy because we love his podcast (and podcasts in general). We had already interviewed Audrey from Vrac. Since 2017, Jeane has been highlighting positive initiatives with a format between 30mn and 1 hour.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Jeane, I am 30 years old, I trained as a lawyer in environmental law but I have never practiced this profession. I have worked in the organic cosmetics industry for several years. In 2017, I launched Basilic, a podcast dedicated to the environment and positive initiatives!

What was your trigger to turn to a zero waste approach?

Over the years, the click was made in particular thanks to readings, meetings and brands such as Emma’s Trends or Lamazuna for whom I had the chance to work!

What daily actions make you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

TO COOK ! Without any hesitation ! I cook a lot, I buy as much as possible products packaged in bulk and vegetables sold without packaging. Oh yes, and my son’s washable diapers and his reusable wipes!

Let’s talk about handkerchief, because here, it’s kind of our specialty! Do you use handkerchiefs?

YES ! I use both, tissues and handkerchiefs.

I really like the handkerchiefs which I find, of course, ecological but above all very beautiful and very chic! I use them very frequently, but I still use tissues, especially when I am very sick.

What would motivate you (if you haven’t already) for handkerchiefs?

To use more, I just have to buy more!

What do you think of ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs? Ready to take the plunge?

Definitely ready! All I have to do is order them!
Any advice or a simple trick to help our readers reduce their waste too?
Analyze your trash and think about alternatives that would allow you to reduce your waste.

Do you have a recommendation: book, documentary, podcast, exhibition…?

  • A book ? That of Béa Johnson who lays the essential foundations of zero waste.
  • Documentary ? I don’t have it in mind but all the reports on recycling, ocean pollution etc … can be useful.
  • Podcast ? Basilic !
  • Instagram account: @lilyfairly

Do you have an Instagram account or blog we can follow you on?

Jeane, 30 years old, South of France