Each week, we ask someone about these zero waste practices. The objective is to vary the points of view. Everyone does in their own way depending on their sensitivity and what interests them most. This week, it’s Elise.

Hello Elise, and thank you for agreeing to tell us a little more about your habits to reduce waste.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Elise, I am 26 years old and I am a graphic designer and web designer in a communication agency in Orleans.

What was your trigger to move towards a zero waste approach?

For some time now I have been wondering about the existing components in the cosmetics I use. It was when I discovered the slow-cosmetics.com site (thanks to my boyfriend who had seen an article on the web) that I clicked to consume better and reduce my waste.

What daily actions can you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

Since then I have started to reduce my waste first in the bathroom by purchasing solid cosmetics (makeup remover bar, shampoo solid, soap, deodorant in a glass jar), make-up removing wipes washable and oriculi (goodbye to multiple cottons for the face and cotton swabs that we throw away every day!) and a bamboo toothbrush. In the kitchen, I now eat healthier with more vegetables and a little less meat and above all I try to buy less overpackaged products. When you start to pay attention to where the plastic is, it’s shocking to realize that you are so overwhelmed with it!

I have also recently started making my own products household appliances (toilet cleaner, laundry, and many more to come; I have bought a recipe book and also signed up on the Facebook group of « Une vie zéro déchet : DIY, astuces et conseils »). Saving for the wallet and for the planet. And my trash cans thank me!

Do you use tissue handkerchiefs?

Yes and no ^^. Today I use it, but only at home. The old handkerchiefs I had when I was a kid.

What would motivate you to make handkerchiefs part of your everyday life?

A bit outdated, I am not very comfortable with the idea of taking my old handkerchiefs outside the privacy of my home because they are outdated, the designs are childish. Having handkerchiefs with cute adult designs would be a huge plus. No shame neither having a cold, nor going out and blowing your nose in a nice handkerchief.

So, ready to take the plunge with ernest&lulu organic handkerchiefs?

Knowing that using handkerchiefs will allow me to reduce my impact on the environment is already important. But to go further in my approach, I am even more sensitive to know that the raw material also respects the environment. I am completely ready to take the plunge into the handkerchief in organic and beautiful fabric, and respectful of the environment!

Any advice or a tip to help our readers reduce their waste too?

Zero waste can sometimes seem inaccessible or linked to a fad. For me it is the realization that on my scale and if we all do it we can make a certain difference. I advise starting small, gradually changing the over-packaged products in our daily life. The bathroom for example is really the easy place to start for me. Just by stopping the disposable cotton swabs and cotton pads, I have dramatically reduced the waste in my bathroom trash. This is a glaring and quickly visible result that can motivate to go further.

Elise, 26 years old, Orléans

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