This week, we’re taking you to … Belgium !
It’s Deborah from the blog and Instagram account of the same name Little GreenBee who gives you her zero waste tips.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

Hello, my name is Deborah, I have three cats, fish and chickens. I have recently been living in the countryside, although I have lived in the city for a long time. This return to earth does me a lot of good and I take pleasure in… taking the time, quite simply. I have a blog dedicated to responsible consumption, Little GreenBee, where I share my discoveries on fashion, beauty, food, decoration, etc. always in an ethical and ecofriendly spirit. I also work in editorial communication for a Brussels company and I am a freelance in web writing.

What was your trigger to turn to a zero waste approach?

I was very struck by the sentence that says that the best waste is the one that is not produced. Because it is so true, we can make all the efforts that we want by recycling, sorting, reselling or giving away what we do not use, despite everything, it remains waste or the creation of waste. I would say that my first click was the washable cotton pad. I can not do without it ! At the same time, I have always been sickened by the amount of gift wrapping and long before the ‘zero waste fashion’, I wrapped my gifts in newspaper.

What daily actions make you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

I am very careful about wasting water and food. I take fairly short showers, I collect the cooking water to water my plants. Our toilets and washing machine are supplied with rainwater. I don’t buy bottled water and use a gourd. I still have handkerchiefs. Regarding food, I buy most of my products from local producers, I have compost and most of all I cook as much as I can on my own. In fact, I try to think through all my little actions, how I can be more environmentally friendly. Sometimes it’s a tiny little gesture, sometimes it’s not perfect, but it already is.

Let’s talk about handkerchief, because here, it’s kind of our specialty! Do you use handkerchiefs?

Well, just as I was talking about above, this is one of my everyday actions, because my nose is often stuffy. My mom once brought me about 20 handkerchiefs that she had found. They smelled good, well ironed, and since then I have totally adopted them.

Handkierchief are much gentler on the nose than tissues. They are unmatched in comfort.

Deborah – Little GreenBee

I wash them at 60 degrees and, if that slows down some, I only find a handkierchief to be hygienic.

What do you think of ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs? Ready to take the plunge?

I think your handkerchiefs are beautiful. The fact that they are made of organic cotton is a plus, because not only are you in a zero waste process but also respectful of the environment. Let’s not forget that in the past, men always had a nice handkerchief in their jacket pocket, it was a real elegant and refined fashion accessory. I also like to think about this image of the past and having a few tissues in your bag also helps reduce waste by refusing, for example, paper towels.

Any advice or a simple trick to help our readers reduce their waste too?

I would say that a lot of times people think of their green approach as a mountain, and they often feel discouraged. For my part, I think we should rather see it as a journey, which we take step by step, at our own pace. You have to avoid judging yourself and others but rather find consistency with your own values, your budget and your possibilities, this is a kind of compromise where the important thing is above all to remain authentic. This is what I like to share on my blog and on my Instagram account: simple, fun and enjoyable solutions to consume better, without sulking your pleasure or plunging into eco-guilt.

Do you have any recommendations?

I really enjoy listening to podcasts and I will discuss them in this article. I also read a lot of blogs and find that social networks are full of inspiring accounts.

Do you have an Instagram account or blog we can follow you on?

Of course, come join me on Instagram: Little Green Bee and on my blog:

Deborah, Ath (between Bruxelles and Lilles), 36 years old

Photo credit : Deborah