This week, we interviewed Camille from the Girl Go Green Instagram account you probably know. Thank you to her for participating in this zero waste and handkerchief interview!

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Camille, I often present myself as a conscience awakener. I dedicate all my time, my energy and my creativity to trying to change the world, mentalities, consumption patterns and society on my mini-mini scale. I work on the ecological transition every day, and I try to help define a new collective imagination, to change what we find desirable as a way of life. And it starts with me! I have been in a process of deconsumption, minimalist and zero waste for 5 years. I’m not perfect but I’m doing my best and every year I strive more than the past year towards a better version of myself, more in line with my beliefs.

What was your trigger to turn to a zero approach waste ?

I didn’t click but a multitude of clicks always larger than each other.

It came from small everyday situations that gradually struck me as absurd, starting with my trash can full of makeup remover cotton to empty every week.
I studied marketing.

I learned to decode the products on the market and the pro-consumer messages that go with them.

I know the challenges of brands and the methods of over-segmentation of the market which allow us to create new desires for products that we do not need. A day cream. One at night. A foundation. A loose powder. A concealer.
One day, a friend I had invited for coffee brought me some pods. I had a sort of freeze frame: a single dose wrapped in aluminum, wrapped in a cardboard box, wrapped in plastic film, wrapped in a large cardboard box itself wrapped in cellophane on a pallet. I said to myself: what’s the point, when you can do without all of this by buying in bulk and dosing your coffee yourself?

So I started to change.

And one thing leading to another on the way from that to the impact of digital pollution, industry agrifood etc. Every challenge gets bigger but every year I also evolve a lot.

What daily actions make you reduce your impact the most on the environment ?

  • Do not eat meat or fish
  • Reduce my air travel
  • Buy organic, local and seasonal

Let’s talk about handkerchief, because here, it’s kind of our specialty! Do you use handkerchiefs?

Yes !

I use lots of handkerchiefs of different origins and types becauseI need a stock with regular allergies!

Some are inherited from my family (I prefer not to think too much that my grandparents blew their noses in them), some are hand-cut sheets (very ugly but it helps) and some are small French and committed brands(obviously these are my favorites and the ones I fully assume in public!).

I’m already bought into the fabric handkerchief cause, but I admit that when it’s nice and soft on the nostrils, it comes out much easier. I even gave some to my boyfriend.

What do you think of ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs? Ready to take the plunge?

I find them very beautiful and very “engaged“! They correspond to my values. For me it is made in France where the choice of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric is very important!

I just have them try to see if my nostrils appreciate the fabric!

A simple tip or tip to help our readers reduce their waste too?

Switch to a gourd, eat less meatand of course … switch to handkerchiefs, it’s the season!

Do you have any cultural recommendations?

  • Books: Julie Bernier’s book “Zéro Déchet” and Julien Vidal’s book “Ca va changer avec vous” are top of the line!
  • Documentary: Demain by Cyril Dion orL’homme a mangé la terre on Arte
  • Podcast: Présages podcasts with guests always on top to talk about ecological issues
  • Play: Melone Blu for a wonderful fable about the future of our society
  • One woman show: Namasté Beaucoup by Valérie Pastre on her green transition

Do you have an Instagram account or a blog that we can follow you ?

Camille, 30 years old, Paris