Today, we are interviewing Anaïs, who had a little fun at the start of the year. She shares lots of tips on her insta account, including how to consume responsibly as parents. Many thanks to her for answering our questions.

In a few words who are you and what do you do for a living?

Hello, I am Anaïs from the ana_in_green instagram account and the blog. I am a nurse looking to convert to ecology, and for good reason I am very committed as you will see on my account and blog.

What was your trigger to turn to a zero waste approach?

It all started on my plate, I turned to organic products and it all happened for me.

What daily actions make you reduce your impact on the environment the most?

We really do a lot of things: bulk shopping as much as possible, eating vegetarian, we have a vermicomposter on our terrace, public transport as much as possible (we don’t have a car and we only take one very occasionally) , purchase of our vegetables every week in an AMAP where we are registered.

Let’s talk about handkerchief, because here, it’s kind of our specialty! Do you use handkerchiefs?

Of course, for about 2 years, this has been one of my last zero waste gestures and even my companion has done it of course! We love it at home, we have about 20 of them.

What do you think of ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs? Ready to take the plunge?

They are great in addition to being a very ecological gesture for the planet! What to take the plunge right ?!

Any advice or a simple trick to help our readers reduce their waste too?

I would already say to buy in bulk, it is a very simple gesture and accessible to all. All you need to do is provide small reusable mesh bags or jars and you’re done. It’s a habit to take but a very good habit so let’s go! Otherwise, stop buying plastic bottles if you haven’t already done so and buy a stick of activated charcoal to put in your water carafe to make tap water less calcareous and stronger in minerals! Bottled water is full of micro-plastic, nothing very good for our health and in addition it generates a lot of waste! You can also opt for a solid soap or shampoo in your bathroom, with clean components of course that will be all good! 😄

Do you have any book recommendations for us?

I love Bea Johnson’s zero waste book, it is one of the very first books I read 3 years ago when I went to war with my waste! Otherwise I love Hugo Clément’s book which explains how he stopped eating animals, I quote his book title and he does it in a very neutral way, without judgments so that the reader can form an informed opinion on the question.

Do you have an Instagram account or blog we can follow you on?

Of course, I’ll give it back to you here: ana_in_green for instagra puts for the blog.

Anaïs, 27 years old, Alfortville