Hondar 2050 is the second film in our selection by the Greenpeace film festival. As a reminder, this festival makes 15 films (or rather documentaries) available from January 13 to 27, 2020. The aim is to raise public awareness of environmental issues and to highlight positive initiatives.

Documentary – Hondar 2050

Realized by : Cesare Maglioni
Year of production : 2018
Country : Spain

ernest&lulu’s grade

Hondar 2050 – Summary

A short documentary (barely 45mn) in which we follow Carlos, half-artist / half-beach cleaner in Spain. The documentary is quite slow and the production did not thrill us.
On the other hand, the point of view is interesting because following an artist, we are not used to seeing this type of profile in reports. He gives us his vision where he uses beach waste in his art.
? Lots of key figures incorporated throughout the report

The word waste is human, we are the only species that produce waste.

Hondar 2050 – What we remember

The horrible sight of the beaches covered in rubbish. We are all confronted with it, we muststop waste at the source.

Waste disintegrates less quickly in the ocean than on land.

seabed litter hondar 2050
Seabed with debris – image from the documentary Hondar 2050

The biggest risk of litter at sea is transformation into micro particles which can then be absorbed by marine animals, fish and others. In the end, we then swallow them.

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up at sea. That’s the equivalent of a whole truck every minute.

The plague of sanitary napkins found in the sea. Who today (in France or Spain) does not know that it is ESPECIALLY NOT to throw this in the toilet? A priori, not enough people.

Hondar 2050 recommends us

  • Inquire
  • Rethink your habits
  • Reduce your plastic consumption
  • Recycle and sort your waste
  • Pick it up even if it’s not yours
  • Get involved, join the movement and spread the message

What gives us hope

Hondar 2050 Beach cleaning
Beach cleaning – image from the documentary Hondar 2050

In this documentary, we see the younger generations mobilizing and cleaning up the beaches, these are great initiatives.
And you, have you ever thought about doing this kind of operation in your region? There are many associations or initiatives (Facebook groups for example). Do not hesitate to give it a try!

Every year around the world, more than 140 million people volunteer to protect the environment.

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