Amazonia: the awakening of Florestani is the third documentary in our selection by the Greenpeace film festival. As a reminder, this festival makes 15 films (or rather documentaries) available from January 13 to 27, 2020. The aim is to raise public awareness of environmental issues and to highlight positive initiatives.

Documentary – Amazonia : the awakening of Florestani

Directed by: Christiane Torloni & Miguel Przewodowski
Year of production: 2019
Country : Brazil

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Amazonia : the awakening of Florestani – summary

Remarkable documentary. Lots of images from the past, retracing the demonstrations for direct elections in 1984 until today with the climate marches. The end highlights the protests of 2015, the hottest year.

It can also be called an ode to nature and the living. We discover a lot about the indigenous populations.

If there was a court of life, he would consider it a crime against life to set a shrub or a plant on fire, let alone large areas of the forest

amazonia awakening of florestania
Amazon seen from the sky – photo taken from the report

Amazonia: the awakening of Florestani – What we remember

  • Brazil pollutes by burning the forest, it’s absurd!
  • The name of Brazil comes from a tree, it is a people of the forest.
  • We learn who General Rondon is for Brazil and what he has done well for the indigenous populations.
  • We inevitably come back at some point to the consumption (overconsumption) of meat. The globalization of the Brazilian economy has resulted in the globalization of the Amazon. The export of the grass that European cows eat comes from the Amazon.
    In 2003, Brazil became the world’s largest exporter of meat. You can’t imagine what the purchase of a steak costs the Amazon forest, the people who inhabit it and the animal abuse that results from it!

Brazil has always based its development on the destruction of forests.

One question that remains!

We’re just passing through, that’s undeniable. What will we leave behind?
When we say preserve, we must ask ourselves: for whom? why ? These are key questions!
It is a fight for future generations.

We also talk about Chico Mendes, one of the symbols of the defense of the Amazonand more generally of the environment and sustainable development.
By the way, let’s end this article with one of these quotes: “At first, I thought I was fighting to save the rubber trees; then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest. Now I know that I am fighting for humanity “

Rio 2015 event - global warming
2015 event – Rio – photo taken from the report

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