We were to write to you on this first day of the summer sale.
It’s a complicated year for many of us, and the sales are a highly anticipated time for both consumers and merchants. They make it possible to empty the collections which will become obsolete very soon (the first problem).

Ethical brand and sales

Building an ethical brand necessarily requires higher manufacturing costs. Some ethical brands offer discounted products, others don’t. At ernest & lulu, we decided to offer you a small discount to renew your stock of organic handkerchiefs!

We generally expect sales of very generous discounts, up to -50% or more.

We (in general, not especially at ernest & lulu!) Have their expectations because we have always been used to “fast fashion”, very easy to produce at (very) low costs. And who says low production costs, says higher or even disproportionate margins. And in this system, the sales logically conclude each season and collection.

Far from these issues, ernest & lulu opted from the start for ethical fashion and responsible purchasing. Like many other brands that are part of the renewal of French industry!

Being aware of prices and costs is essential to change the way you consume.

Produce in France

At ernest & lulu, we have made the choice to produce in France, in a responsible manner. But that comes at a cost.

We know each of our suppliers (at the same time, they are not very numerous) and we work in a short circuit to have the lowest carbon footprint. Each of our partners works in good social and environmental conditions.

The “sales” at ernest & lulu

So, at ernest & lulu, we cannot offer you sales strictly speaking with products at -50%. However, we have decided to give you a little boost with a 10% reduction *! Our way of saying a big THANK YOU, you who have been loyal to us since the beginning of the adventure.

* Valid until July 31 on all your orders, with the code “MOUCHOIRS10”.

If you want totest organic handkerchiefs or expand the collection you collected from your grandparents, now is the time!

We call this promo boost. If we renew our collections twice a year, it is above all to offer you something new. However, older collections are not obsolete and can be used all year round.

Our recommendations for sales

This sales period is nevertheless necessary for some, who cannot afford to buy outside this period.

So, we recommend the BISOU method to be sure to buy useful during the sales.

This method was created by Marie Duboin Lefèvre and Herveline Verdeken.

  • Need: What need does having this item meet? Do I Really Need This Item?
  • Immediate: Do I need it immediately? Is it the promo that creates this sense of urgency? Can I wait a few days before making up my mind?
  • Similar: Do I already have something similar in my house that meets the same need?
  • Origin: What is the origin of this product? Where was it produced, under what conditions?
  • Useful: Finally, what is the real use for me?

If the handkerchiefs pass this method, then take advantage of the promo code 😉