Nice month of April at ernest & lulu! We had to move but it was impossible for us like you to move, so we focused on our screen. What happened at ernest & lulu in April: we’ll give you a summary !

Lockdown for better or for worse

Like most French people, we have been confined since March 17 because of covid-19. We are not teaching you anything, one of the barrier gestures is the use of disposable tissues. We have already written an article on the use of tissues in times of coronavirus (+ link). alreadyˌôlˈredē Traductions de already AdverbeFréquence déjà already, previously, ever, yet

Our positioning since the creation of ernest & lulu has never changed. We want to change mentalities and this requires a profound change in the use we have of paper handkerchiefs. They are used and discarded almost instantly for everything. Wipe your hands, wipe a stain, blow your nose, wipe your nose (hello allergies) or forehead and many more.

All of these uses can be easily replaced on a daily basis with handkerchiefs. But during a cold where you are contagious, it is obviously possible to go back to paper. Your consumption will still significantly decrease and that is what interests us.

Pre-orders are ready

It was THE most important job, we had to deliver to you in April but we preferred to postpone to leave the postal services (weak during containment) to priority shipments. You have been very understanding and we thank you warmly.

Folding each handkerchief in 4, making the batches, and putting them in an envelope was really neat to do, it is the realization of a year of work before the launch of ernest & lulu and that of your support. So THANKS.

We can’t wait to hear from you all those envelopes!

Some remaining lots of old collections of handkerchiefs

We have taken stock and we still have a few prizes and sleeves, we will be putting them online very soon.

The e-commerce site is ONLINE

It’s our big April win. This e-commerce site was made by Lulu (with a little outside help, thanks folks), and we are so happy with the result.

Although obviously not everything is perfect, but it never is and it is part of the launches. In particular, when we are lockdown without an accessible photo studio, for example. We did what we could, the main thing is to move forward and stay positive!

The first sales

With the launch of the site, the first sales are there. So, THANKS again (we repeat, but it’s so important).
These new collections seem to like you, we can’t wait to see them in store and above all, in your hands.

ernest & lulu is above all an entrepreneurial adventure and we like to share our news with you, so these news will be our monthly meeting!