A beautiful saying all the more true this year! This is the month we are deconfined, and that’s great fun.

May is a sign of realization for ernest&lulu: I’ll tell you about it!

Each month, with this monthly news event, it is me Lucie, founder, who would take the floor to share this with you.

1st big news: the delivery of your Ulule pre-orders

We are deconfined on May 11. At ernest&lulu it indicates the possible way to La Poste. Your orders had been ready for a while, but I had not been able to place them yet.

I had deliberately decided to wait to post your pre-orders, especially since I did not want to overload La Poste’s services (under capacity during the period) and preferred to favor large mail deposits during this period.

You have been very understanding and supported this choice, and I thank you for it.

The orders are now with you, many of you gave me positive feedback, on the fabric and the patterns (pre-orders + new collections). It really warms my heart.

Do not hesitate to continue and share your photos and reviews on social networks or by email to bonjour@ernest-et-lulu.com

And now ?

Well, now I am waiting for more new collections to be able to develop sales of ernest & lulu and in particular the presence of our handkerchiefs in store.

It is not always easy to buy these types of products from a distance, and from the beginning you told me that you wanted to be able to touch the products and see them in store.

Target for June

See ernest&lulu in physical store!

To see ernest&lulu organic handkerchiefs in your usual stores, feel free to share them with me so that I can call them.

I have lots of ideas to develop other projects and I obviously want to contribute to you on Instagram and on the blog elsewhere!

From the start, it was you who were involved in the creation of ernest & lulu with your feedback, so thank you.

See you at the beginning of June!