On February 12, the Tour de l’Entrepreneuriat pour Tous closed its Tour de France in Orléans at the Palais des Sports. I was there to represent ernest & lulu, the organic handkerchiefs at different times of the afternoon. I would like to thank Yacine Fekkak for the invitation, I am delighted to have participated in this event alongside other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship for All: organized by local and national actors

The purpose of this tour is to celebrate entrepreneurial energies and encourage businesses to think bigger and bigger.
Local actors are committed alongside BPI France to bring this initiative to life.
In Orléans, the BGE Loiret and CitésLab Orléans were part of the organization (by the way, nickel!).
Also, I was able to participate in the Handibasket workshop with Émilie Dussart (Comité Départemental Handisport Loiret), thank you to her for the advice and facilitation of this workshop.

Entrepreneuriat pour Tous
A look back at Entrepreneurship for All day in Orléans with ernest & lulu organic handkerchiefs.

Entrepreneurship for All: my intervention on the workshop “How to finance your project?”

I was invited to speak on the workshop which talked about project and funding. After France Active and ADI who gave more generic advice on the financing of the project and how to present it to banking organizations, I was able to talk about my experience concerning crowdfunding.
I shared my experience with the participants in the locker room of the OLB (Orléans Loiret Basket), partner of the event.

A very enriching day made up of great meetings with other entrepreneurs from the region and a lot of sharing with those present at the event.

Lucie, ernest&lulu founder

Nice meeting

  • I had the opportunity to meet several entrepreneurs from the region.
    Laure Valentin: she co-created CircleLy, an initiative to facilitate the management and local distribution of unsold non-food items. A top project led by a dynamic and very sympathetic entrepreneur. Check out his CircleLyproject.
  • Aurélie Renard: she created 6foisdys, lecturer, she proposes to make companies aware of DYS disorders.

In my opinion, the richness of entrepreneurship also lies in meeting other entrepreneurs, exchanging ideas, promoting human ties. And why not, during a conversation, help someone get over the course?

The pitch box

To discover the pitch of ernest & lulu and organic handkerchiefs, it’s on Velfie.
Any entrepreneur who wished could pitch his idea or project. The objective is to create a directory where we have the possibility of contacting other entrepreneurs in his field if necessary.