Summer is here ! And in the summer, we clearly want to get some fresh air, especially after the confinement period we’ve all been through. We feel that outdoor activities are very popular with the French.

And when you go for a bike ride or a day at the beach, what better way than to combine these outings with a zero waste picnic?

We give you 5 tips for organizing your zero waste picnic.

1 – Opt for dishes

Zero Waste Picnic does NOT mean plastic dishes. The prerequisite is to ban plastic and use dishes. Too much waste still ends up in our oceans, it’s very easy to do without.

There are pretty picnic suitcases with crockery but to really be in the process, we suggest you create your picnic kit yourself.

Le bon coin and Emmaüs will be your allies! If you don’t want to use your household crockery because it could damage it for example, no problem, create a take-out kit with used crockery.

You will need :

  • A pretty tablecloth that will follow you for many years on your getaways.
  • Cutlery: forks, knives and spoons
  • A small suitcase, a wicker basket or a suitable bag

You can equip yourself on occasion for less than 20 euros for all that and keep them for years.

2 – To cook

The best way to avoid waste is to cook for your picnic. A large salad, a cake, homemade desserts or fruit. It will be much better than salads bought in plastic, and in addition much more economical.

The picnic will only be tastier.

3 – Take a water bottle or opt for glass bottles

The rosé is still well appreciated on a picnic! If you’re more of a drinker, it’s easy to bring a glass bottle to be recycled.

For alcohol-free, there are also glass bottles. You can also make your own homemade lemonades ahead of time by putting them in glass bottles.

And then, for water, everyone has their own gourd!

4 – Cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are making a comeback. At the same time, isn’t it nicer than a rough paper towel that you use than once before you throw it away?

There is a great supply of vintage fabric napkins, so you are spoiled for choice in whatever designs you prefer. You will easily find them at Le bon coin or in your nearest Emmaus.

5 – Choose the best spot in the area

All you have to do is choose the perfect spot for your zero waste picnic with a view you love!
Beach, countryside, mountain etc.

When we leave, we make sure that no waste has been left behind.

You now have all the tips to organize a zero waste picnic. We strongly recommend that you repeat the operation as much as possible during summer in your area or on vacation. 😉

And if you want to know more about zero waste, take a look at our interviews.