We had a great month of June at ernest & lulu. Since launch, it’s crazy how the days, weeks and months have gone by at breakneck speed. We have the impression that things are not moving, or at least not fast enough. And yet, taking stock of June, we can say that it was a month under the sign of development.

First shooting and publication in Figaro Madame

Months of shooting with a pro and friends. Many thanks to Emeline, Lola, Maxime and Xavier for helping us and for lending their faces and hands to ernest & lulu.

We toured Orleans and enjoyed the cathedral to the banks of the Loire. We also like to make you discover the city of Orleans!

Handkerchiefs in organic fabric - Orléans
Handkerchiefs in organic fabric – Orléans

Find the article on our press page.

Creation of a network of distributors

When we started the ernest & lulu adventure, your feedback was very clear: touching the products and seeing them in store are essential.

So we built that into our vision from the start.

We left the confinement past as well as the delivery of the counterparts to start the procedures. We are delighted (= super happy) to announce that there are already three stores that trust us in three different cities.

1 – Olivet – Mademoiselle Vrac

Mademoiselle Vrac – 215 Rue de Gascogne – 45160 Olivet – Photo credit Mademoiselle Vrac

Anaïs s’est lancé dans l’aventure Mademoiselle Vrac avec une grande boutique à Olivet. She contacted us at the start of the year because she wants to integrate as many local brands as possible. We are proud to work with her.

You will find all our references on display:

  • Tissue handkerchiefs simone&francis
  • Handkerchiefs in madeleine&raymond fabric
  • Handkerchiefs armelle&malo
  • Pocket for your paul&paulette handkerchiefs in the 6 available colors

2 – Bordeaux – Le cabinet de convivialité Serendipity

Serendipity – 26 Rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux – Photo credit Serendipity Shop

You will find our organic handkerchiefs in Claire’s owl boutique.

More precisely, you will find:

  • Lot of simone&francis (plain handkerchiefs) with the pocket of your choice
  • Lot of madeleine&raymond with the cover of your choice

Find the Serendipity store in Bordeaux.

3 – Le mans – Lucette, Eco-friendly boutique

Women's handkerchiefs - Lucette store - Le Mans
Lucette Boutique éco-responsable – 36 Rue des Ponts Neufs, 72000 Le Mans – Crédit photo : Lucette

Thank you to Elise for her quick confidence, you will find in her beautiful shop all our handkerchief references and you will have the choice to buy them in batch or not.

  • Tissue handkerchiefs simone&francis
  • Handkerchiefs in madeleine&raymond fabric
  • Handkerchiefs armelle&malo
  • Pocket for your paul&paulette handkerchiefs in the 6 available colors

Find Lucette Boutique in Le Mans.

Choice of designer for new collections

We had already started a first collaboration with her for the menu that accompanies your orders. We have entrusted the creation of the fall / winter 2020 collections to Camille Saunier, a young graphic designer from Lyon. We gave him free time for these new collections! We can’t wait to see her world on our handkerchiefs.

The joy of teleworking

And among this month of June filled with all these good things, we were also able to make a little getaway in Brittany, it feels good to recharge your batteries with the family, to spend time by the sea, outside!

We also took the opportunity to take some pretty pictures for the website and social networks, we hope you like it!

Website update and writing

We update the site very regularly, from the home page to the blog.

Since we have lots of pretty photos for you to discover, from July we will be changing the homepage very regularly, switching to summer mode ☀️.

Also, we write on the blog very regularly, we ask someone every week about their zero waste practices. We like to talk about other topics, so if you have any particular ideas or desires, don’t hesitate to write to us at bonjour@ernest-et-lulu.com.