To try the handkerchief is to adopt it! Long shunned following the advent of the paper handkerchief in the 1960s, it is back in fashion for various reasons. We are here to guide you to the voice of reason (or our reason anyway): the handkerchief. Here are 3 reasons that are not ranked in order of importance.

Reason # 1 – The fabric handkerchief is much softer on your nostrils.

We can only advise you to give it a try to find out for yourself. Tissues irritate your nose. This is mainly due to the material (cellulose) and the chemicals used to produce them. Obviously, if you like them minty or flavored, it’s even worse on the manufacturing side.

adopt the handkerchief
The feeling of the paper handkerchief on your nose in winter?

Perhaps you have experienced bleeding or just a sore nose from repeatedblowing of a bad cold? Have you ever used the lip balm technique to survive extreme winter nose dryness?

Choosing fabric means choosing softness.

Reason # 2 – The fabric handkerchief is environmentally friendly

Have you started azero waste approach? Do you know this gesture: reuse? Have you already changed a lot of habits in your kitchen or bathroom? The handkerchief can be your next step.
The adage says to choose is to give up! Choosing the fabric means giving up throwing away a large number of tissues (about 300 per year, per person)

Result: you wash your 10 daily handkerchiefs when you have a cold instead of throwing them away, along with your clothes or underwear. Simple isn’t it? and ecological.
Adopt the fabric handkerchief!

Reason # 3 – Using cloth handkerchiefs saves trees

We’ve been pointing fingers at the facial tissue for years, which is made from raw wood fibers. The boreal forest has suffered the consequences.
On average, in France, per day it is 15,000 to 25,000 tonnes of water and 2,000 trees. We let you imagine the consumption on a planetary scale.

The production of tissues is extremely energy intensive in electricity and chemicals.

At ernest & lulu, we want to add our stone to the building and also allow you to plant trees. We donate 1% of our turnover to the Up2green Reforestation associationto help reforestation through various programs. Also, thanks to an additional donation, we allow you to plant your tree during your purchases on the online site! A great action for the planet.